martes, 6 de marzo de 2012

Netlabels para revisitar I

Audiotalaia is a project founded in 2007 by Edu Comelles with the aim to release the work from artists all over the world. We seek for proposals in experimental sound composition, ambient music and field recordings. According to this we look after artists working on a electronic media framework but keeping an eye into the natural world, the landscape and the environment.
Audiotalaia is currently being transformed in something else than a Netlabel. We are trying to put aside this “tag” in our books. Following the new perspective opened by Audition Records, we like to be considered as a platform focused on diffusion, promotion and production of experimental music, sound art, ambient music and field recordings.
Joining forces with Audition Records, and soon enough with other projects that will pop up on the following months we are working towards new experiences and new targets. Audiotalaia will keep its production style and philosophy unaltered and some new features will be added to this project.
Currently this platform is coordinated by Edu Comelles and we are in permanent dialogue with Audition Records and specifically Julián Bonequi. In the future a new team will join the main tasks formed by Óscar Inzo and Jaume Muntsant, both artists and Catalans.
In the mean time, Audiotalaia will continue publishing works on a monthly basis, focusing on national artists and also international emergent artists.

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